Sunday, September 11, 2011

Melissa's Thursday Three and Camping Adventures

What do you mean, "it's Sunday?" I know, I know. I am a few days late.

I had to do a bunch or errands after leaving the office on Thursday and fully intended on writing this after, but I was running super behind and by the time I got home I had to rush to get ready to go see my brother-in-law's band, Powers, play their last show ever. Originally I planned to leave after their set, but you know how it is. You have one drink, and that leads to two, then three, and before you know if you're wobbling home at one-thirty in the morning sending obnoxious texts to everyone you know.

I had to get up early on Friday and run around like a headless chicken all morning before heading off into the woods of Hartford, Maine for a few days. Let me tell you, it was COLD. Cold doesn't even begin to describe it. I am a fairly tough chick, but i do not do cold. I had to get up at midnight to pee last night, and the thought of leaving the sleeping bag and blankets made me burst into hysterical tears. I fumbled around in the dark to find my phone, wandered until I found some bars and promptly sent a text to Thomas, who was home in our warm bed with our cuddly kittens.

Despite the frigid temps, I had a splendid weekend of no work, no computers, no phone calls, and no bullshit! I got to spend three days with some of my favorite women. It was a weekend full of good food, good laughs, and good medicine.

So... that is why I am doing this so late! On the bright side, this means you will get two Thursday Threes this week! One from me today, and one from Noella on Thursday!

Keeping in the spirit of things, my Thursday Three will be Three Things to Take Into the Woods...

1. Dr. Bronner's
Dr. B's comes in a variety of scents, but you have got to stay old school and stick with that minty-fresh tingle we all know and love. This is the perfect soap for camping because you can use it in the lake or in a solar shower without worrying about contaminating Mama Earth with a bunch of nasty chemicals. You can also use Dr. Bronner's to wash your dishes and your clothes! Take a minute to check out their web page or look up Emanuel Bronner on Wikipedia. If you have Netflix, put Dr. Bronner's Magic Soapbox in your queue. Dr. B was a wildly interesting fellow.

2. Sunblock
Just because it is negative one-hundred degrees doesn't mean the sun isn't out to get you. Protect your skin! Personally I am a fan of the Alba Botanica Green Tea Natural Sunblock. Don't forget to reapply your sun protection throughout the day, especially if you are going to be in water or you are camping somewhere with a lot of open, sunny spaces. Not only can you prevent an ugly, ouchy burn, you will prevent unwanted wrinkles and protect your skin against harmful, cancer causing rays. Remember your sensitive lips! Alba also makes some awesome lip balms with an SPF of 25!

3. Hair Accessories
You can never have too many barrettes, bandanas, hair ties or headbands out in the woods. Not only will you want to get the hair off of your face and neck when you are working up a sweat on a hike or hunting for firewood, but a cute hair barrette or some braids are the perfect way to feel pretty whether you are renting a cabin or roughing it. If you can't shower for a few days, a headband will hide your greasy bangs and a pony tail will keep the oils from getting all over your face. Invest in a good shower caddy, like the EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Hanging Valet or an L.L. Bean Personal Organizer. This is a great way to carry all of your essentials, and maybe even sneak in a few girly things, without taking up a half of your tent.

xoxo Melissa

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