Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Three - Noella's Picks

Hi WPs (stands for Wicked Pretties), Happy Labor Day Weekend! 
This week I’m going to get a little biased and go all AVON on your asses. Yes, I know it was just a matter of time since I signed up to sell, but I am now for real crazy about AVON’s offerings. I treated myself to some “research related” purchases with my first order and wanted to say a little bit about my favorites from the bunch.

Nailwear Pro Polish in Vintage Boutique

Not only is the muted grayish brown color quite chic right now, but the formula also happens to rock. It applied evenly and smoothly, dried quick and hasn’t chipped (yet). A nice, opaque finish after three coats. An added bonus which has recently become trendy in upscale nail companies is “Three Free” meaning that this polish is non-toxic, (made without three known harmful ingredients, Formaldehyde, Toulene and DBP). Also paraben free, this polish is on par with designer ones that cost literally five times as much!

I’ve never been one for the new-fangled, nubby, uniform, rubbery mascara wands, but I wanted to give this a chance. Whaddya know-- It’s great! I’m left clump-free, rocking demure, featherlike lashes. And no smudges even though I sweat like a sow in heat, (*pause* for mental image of Noella wallowing, panting in the sun-baked mud, very much as a sow would). I’m very stubborn about new mascaras and I don’t like to waver from my two Clinique favorites. I like this one though, and I will delight in using it as an every day staple.

So, besides this lip gloss’s supreme shine and lovely scent, I could basically kill a man with the packaging. So that’s an added safety feature. I’m not kidding around here, it’s literally the size of an Oscar Mayer Wiener (My baloney has a first name…). So part billy club, part cosmetic, hmmm are we onto something here, Avon? Maybe next it will be a switchblade eyeliner? Kidding aside (It's HUGE), this is a highly pigmented, shiny, un-sticky gloss. The wand is honestly so massive I could easily paint the house (2 coats) and that makes it a little clumsy to apply. I'll live though-- I still really recommend it.

Avon's products so far seem to be the poster children of affordable quality. Though the packaging isn't as sleek or sexy as some of my favorite brands and I am still an Avon beginner, I look forward to trying more bits and letting you all know what's what! 
Want some Avon delights of your own? has all the products I've mentioned and waaay more!


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