Sunday, September 18, 2011

Senior Portraits

No. Not that kind of senior. The high school kind!

Today i went to my BFF Tina's house to do her nieces make up because Tina is taking her senior photo.

The last time I saw Jenny we were taking her to the playground, and now she is almost eighteen years old! It is just so bizarre. She has grown up beautifully (you wish you had dimples as gorgeous as hers!), and it was so fun to watch her have her picture taken.

Tina ironed her hair and picked out a dress for her, and I did her face in really soft neutral shades. She seemed really happy with the results, and there is nothing better than seeing someone feel good about themselves.

Right now they're off at Fort Williams getting some more shots, but as soon as Tina sends me the pictures (with Jenny's permission), I hope to share them with you guys.

Also, if you or anyone you know needs senior photos taken, send me an e-mail! I'm sure Tina and I could put together a nice little package that includes hair, make up, styling, a shoot and digital prints. Or even if you just want me to do your make up, hit me up!

We had a blast today!

xoxo Melissa

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