Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Three - Noella's Picks

On this gloomtastic Thursday I am going to talk about some real pick-me-ups, for these reasons: My girly bits are in knots, my face is broken out and I feel about as pretty as a Chinese Crested (see left). So in the spirit of still putting a little effort in, even when you're not feeling so hot, in hopes of maybe feeling slightly prettier, here are a few of my favorite things.

Nothing brightens up my face/day more than using this handy kit. It has four eyeshadows: Wahine (a nice shimmer cream shade, perfect for highlight), Sarong (a metallic peachy/orange/pink that is quite flattering for my baby blues, thanks Melissa!), Coconut (very versatile brown with just a hint of shimmer), and Surf (a matte, BOLD, bright blue that is perfect over my UD Flipside eyeliner). North Shore, (peachy blush, very nice) and Hanauma Bay (bronzer) finish out this set. Now, I would love these colors regardless, but the $14 price tag for all of this is just too good to pass up! What value! And Stila’s quality is second to none. The formulas are smooth, pigmented and easily blendable. The packaging is cute, to boot. I can’t resist anything with a hula girl on it!

This is my favorite everyday lipstick. Trust me, I would wear it EVERY day if it hadn’t been so expensive. I’m savoring it! The formula is very moisturizing and lip softening but it has a much nicer, more “mod” finish than just a lip balm or gloss. The natural pink color is very nude on me, which I like for feeling put together but not necessarily looking all made up. The finish is dewy but not shiny, no shimmer, no stickiness. I will definitely add more of these to my collection in the future!

Sonia Kashuk Eye Make Up Remover 

So this isn’t really a “pick-me-up” except that it makes you happy that you aren’t wiping residual mascara on your nice new white face towel. This is seriously the best remover I have found. It is one of the dual layered, “shakey” kind that has to be mixed up, then applied to a cotton pad. It needs a moment to do its job, but if you are patient and gently dab away, your eye make up will be totally gone. It doesn’t sting, it doesn’t feel greasy, (it’s oil free) and you get 4oz for $10. 

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