Monday, August 15, 2011

1st Birthday

Have you seen the latest news? I’m surprised it wasn’t on your AOL homepage, I’m shocked Matt Lauer didn’t mention it on the Today Show and I’m appalled that the Portland Press Herald didn’t feature it on the front page of Life and Leisure.

I was thrown a Surprise Birthday Party.Me. The First Noel. Christmas Miracle. No Birthday Nelly.

Turns out, when your birthday is Christmas day (yes, the 25th) people tend to have other “important things to attend to” (like their own families pffff-LAME) and your birthday gets a little pushed aside. So since the days where my dear mother would plan a party around the first weekend in December, (piñatas, relay races, dress-up competitions…she gets excited), I have had generally low-key birthdays. On my 21st, mom asked me if I’d like a glass of white wine…You get the picture.

But enough of my Lifetime Channel, made for TV movie, birthday tragedy. The point is, my amazing friend Joy and my amazing husband Nick decided “to hell with Christmas/Birthday” and threw me a surprise birthday party this past weekend. In August :o)

To my supreme delight, my dear girl friends collaborated and Nick, attentive man he is, schemed and even our housemates (boys) braved the line in Sephora to make me the luckiest girl in town. And here I am, spoiled and thankful and sooo loaded with amazing new toys.

Here it is, The Most Epic Birthday Haul:
*Urban Decay Naked Palette! Weeeee! Review/Tutorials coming ASAP!
*Origins Modern Friction scrub! Let’s just say that my face feels much like a baby’s...face.
*Sephora Gift Certificate! Hey, they’re men, how could they have known I wanted...
*Too Faced Nice Stems eyeshadow! So smooth, so vibrant, yet still wearable.
*Korres Mango Butter Lipstick in Natural Pink! Feels like lip balm, looks juicy/pretty pink!
*A Kindle! Cannot be applied to face. Can look pretty whilst reading with application of above products though :o)

Certainly the most generous array of bedazzling pretty bits any girl could hope for. Let me repeat, I am the luckiest girl in Maine if not the entire World. 

Thank you so much to Nick, Joy, Patches, Shumie, Melissa, Tom, Roberta, Tina, Ian, Jarek and Tori who all made me feel so special and loved. Special shout out to Rage (my lil sis) who spent the morning weaving an intricate web of lies to keep me occupied at the mall/Goodwill/Target, little miss "I have to hit the bathroom just one more time," and all of you who kept me so far in the dark about all this I may have wet myself a little when I saw you all standing there in my kitchen. Thank you!

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