Wednesday, August 17, 2011

*Ding-Dong* AVON Calling!

So let's all think back at how cool Peg was in Edward Scissorhands, shall we? Modern woman, Avon lady :o)

Okay so I'll just get to my point: I'm officially an Avon lady!

I'm very excited at the prospect of playing with make up and skin care as a job and I am exceedingly enthusiastic about Avon as a company. They are the oldest cosmetics company in the country (it's their 125th anniversary this year! That means they were established way back in Eighteen-eighty....old...I don't do math)... They do NOT test on animals, and they are the biggest corporate contributor to breast cancer awareness/research in the country!

So if you are interested in learning more about Avon's products, feel like browsing a new brand's goodies or have a favorite product that you need an Avon lady for-- hit up my new Avon website or email me at
Thank you!

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