Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Danger's My Middle Name

What did I miss? Four days out of the ol' timezone and I'm lost! So seeing the west coast for the first time was certainly epic, but MUCH more importantly ;o) the two treasures I ordered early last week actually made it to me in time to lovingly pack and bring to California.

It's kind of a big deal, it's like your first period, your first kiss, your first love...that's right it's your first M.A.C lipstick! And this week my M.A.C lipstick cherry was popped by the enigmatic Lady Danger. Call it coral, call it orange, call it clown shoe, I don't care. I am in love with it. Not only does the tube have a nice, prestigious weight in your palm but it smells nice and actually stays on your lips! Seriously it feels nice and doesn't dry your pucker out, yet maintains for hours. Oh, so that's what it's like when you spend more then $3.99 for a lip product, weird!

The second gem I splurged on arrived just in the nick of time, the afternoon before we left. This was another first for me, an Urban Decay Shadow Box. Of course the Naked palette is on my Christmas list this year (and it should be on yours, too), but the Preen palette was on sale and definitely has the colors to tide me over. These shadows are silky smooth, divinely luminous (not sparkly) and really do stay all day. I am thrilled to be trying out UD's Primer Potion for the first time as well after hearing legendary things about it's eyeshadow staying-power-ocity-ness. How do I know it works amazingly well so soon? See photo.

Epic Laguna Beach wedding ceremony = weeping openly in 80 degree heat and sun. I was honored with the privilege of doing the bride's eye make up (I used Smog and Toasted from the Preen Shadow Box) and along with some steadfast UD Bourbon 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil and our trusty Primer Potion kept the make-up where it needed to be, (not rubbed off on new husband's chest).
It was a gorgeous setting, simple ceremony, presided over by yours truly-- thank you, thank you hold your applause for the end please--and all eye make up endured, even through the heat and tears. You may applaud now.


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