Thursday, August 25, 2011

Melissa's Thurday Three

Much like last time, I wanted to make my Thursday Three into a video. But after work I had to run some errands, then make dinner, then clean all my brushes, then watch Colbert, and then laugh at Anderson Cooper for an hour.

With that being said, Wicked Pretty is having a video shoot tomorrow with some of our beautiful friends, so keep an eye on the blog and our YouTube page this weekend!

Melissa's Thursday Three...

MAC Wonder Woman palette in Defiance
Okay, so maybe this is so last season, but whatever. I remember talking to one of my dude friends, who happens to be a huge comic book nerd, when I mentioned something about MAC. He was like, “Oh. I think they’re the ones who are going to be making a line of Wonder Woman makeup.” What?!!! Amazing! So I patiently stalked the MAC website, just waiting and waiting for them to release the line. I actually didn’t end up buying much, as tempting as it was. Truth be told, I didn’t really dig most of the colors or palettes, but the awesome packaging was too hard to resist. I did, however, fall head over heels for the Defiance palette. Shiny! Pretty! I just had to have it or I was going to die! I ended up using the thing one time before it went in ye olde train case and hid under some of my more neutral, frequently used palettes. That is until this week. Don’t you love rediscovering things you already own? Its like that album you haven’t listened to in a year, and when you pop it in you wonder, “Why the hell don’t I listen to this every single day of my life?!” Defiance is like the cosmetics equivalent of So Tonight That I Might See

Dollface is the perfect name for this shade, because that is exactly how it makes you feel. I just want to throw on some Victorian garb and take my place on that shelf in your grandmother's house where she keeps all her porcelain dolls. I think this is a lovely color for any skin tone. It’s soft and rosy, and it really helps even out redness. I was afraid of blush for a long time, on account of my rosacea, but that was before I realized how much it can help hide rosacea. Dollface is gorgeous and it is definitely my new go-to.

Double Liner
This spring, Urban Decay and Stila both came out with some super bright, fun liquid liners. Generally I am a neutral or classic black kind of a gal, but these things are way too gorgeous to resist. I desperately covet Urban Decay’s liquid liner in the color Woodstock. I have that shade eye shadow pan, but it’s not the same. Maybe that will be my next cosmetic purchase. I think I look a little weird when I wear a colorful liner on its own, so I have been doubling up! A line of black along the lash line and a thin line of something bright above it for some pop looks really nice. There are also a few color combinations that I have been liking a lot. Like Urban Decay in Smog along the lash line with Stila’s Electric above it, and Urban Decay’s Retrograde with a line of Stila’s Bora Bora. Apparently double lining is in right now, so give it a try! And please ignore my poorly groomed brows.

xoxo Melissa

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