Friday, August 19, 2011

For the Love of Stila

My friends make fun of me for "endorsing" products a lot, but I can't help it. In a world where everyone is trying to sell you something, and that something is usually of a cheap quality and overpriced, it's important to recognize quality when you see it. Stila is quality on every level.

Stila is actually responsible for my foray into the world of cosmetics. Some years back, their famous, "Kitten," eye shadow was my first ever prestige purchase. If you are new to Stila, it should be your first purchase, too. Ever since then, I have been obsessed.

Stila 101:

Jeanine Lobell founded Stila in 1994 and named the company for the Italian word, "stilare," or, "to pen," because, "every woman’s makeup should be as individual as her own signature."

Later the company changed hands when it was bought out by Estee Lauder who owned the company for ten years until it became a Lynn Tilton company in 2009.

Stila's official website states, "Stila's goal is to help every woman celebrate her own unique beauty; to look and feel like the best version of herself; and to have fun doing it."

Stila releases a new line every season, as well as specials throughout the year. In the past they have teamed up for some really fun collaborations, like Barbie loves Stila, Stila loves Derby Dolls, and most recently, Stila loves Roxy.

Stila offers quality, highly pigmented, wearable products that look gorgeous and last all day. They aren't just long lasting on your face, they are long lasting in general. They really give you some bang for your buck.

For example, I have been using the same Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner pen since September, 2010. That is almost a full year of using it darn near daily, and it is still going. My MAC Penultimate was dried out in less than a month.Don't get me wrong, I really love MAC, but the Penultimate does not compare. I have also tried the NARS Eyeliner Stylo, and again, I adore NARS, but it just doesn't measure up. I have Stay All Day in black and brown, and they just released some new colors, including a lovely, dark green that I am just dying to get my hands on.

Here are a few of the things that make Stila really special...

1. The Stila Girl

Instead of models, Stila products and advertisements feature the Stila girls illustrated by Caitlin Dinkins. The drawings I have included in this blog are only a few examples. This leads us to the next thing...

2. Packaging

Okay, so I know that packaging doesn't effect the product, and maybe it is just because I have worked in marketing for a few different companies, but I adore Stila's packaging! Its like when you hear Tom Morello on the radio. No matter what band it is you instantly recognize his sound. Stila is like the Tom Morello of cosmetics. You can spot a Stila palette from across a crowded room. Packaging is the perfect segue into #3...

3. Ethics and Responsibility

Stila's packaging consists of recyclable cardboard and aluminum, many packages are biodegradable, and compacts and palettes are refillable so as to create less waste.On top of all that, a ton of their products are made from local sources in efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Stila's cosmetics are cruelty free and never tested on animals.

4. Customer Service

Stila actually cares about you. All bazillion of you. Their customer service is crazy amazing. If you contact them, they will return your calls, letters, or e-mails. Even if you just want to say, "Oh hey, Stila. I think you rock!" Last Christmas they were really busy and behind on their orders. As a result my shipment arrived one day late, which is no big deal to me, but did not go unnoticed by them. My package was full of extra goodies because they wanted to show that they were sorry. What?! If you google Stila or look them up on YouTube, you can hear a ton of other stories about how awesome and attentive their company is. They truly go above and beyond.

I could probably go on and on forever talking about each individual product, their awesome sales, and a plethora of other things. Instead I will give you a peek at a few items from my personal Stila collection and recommend just a few essentials...

 (Please ignore how incredibly scratched up my dining room table is)

If you are new to Stila, and even if you're not, here are a few of their items that i recommend the most...

My Top Five Stila Picks

If you have been following Wicked Pretty thus far, you will know that I have already raved about this foundation. I am pretty sure this formula was created using magic. It is so light that you won't feel like you have anything on your face at all, and at the same time, the coverage is outstanding. It is also buildable, so you can add more onto those pesky red areas and it will blend flawlessly. 

2. Eye Shadow in Kitten

Kitten is Stila's best selling shade for a reason. This gorgeous champagne contains just the right amount of shimmer, which makes it easy to use for both neutral and made up looks.

As i mentioned above, I have been using the same pen almost daily for about a year now, and it is still not done. Seriously, what more do you need to convince you to run out and buy this eyeliner right now? I love classic black, but the dark brown is my favorite. These pens go one super smooth and do not come off until you want them to.

I'm super fair, so bronzer either makes me look like and Oompa Loompa, or like Pig Pen from Charlie Brown. But not the Stila Sun Bronzer. I love, love, love this product. It is perfect for contouring and does not look dirty on light skin.  

5. Lip and Cheek Stain in Mango Crush

This product is amazing. I have a few colors, but Mango Crush is by far my favorite. The color is buildable and you can use it on both your cheeks and lips. My lips are naturally pink, so one coat usually does me. When it dries i amp it up with Stila Lip Glaze in Kitten. (That was my way of sneaking in an extra top pick. I love the Kitten Lip Glaze and use it almost every day, with or without the Lip and Cheek Stain.)

If you have made it through this novel of a post, congratulations and thank you! Now go get yourself some Stila! 

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xoxo Melissa

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