Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Not Late for Work Morning Routine

I've got my routine down to a science pretty much. I know if I don't stick with the schedule I won't have time to walk the doggies before work and then they poo on the carpet and then I get in trouble. So things are pretty strict, beauty-wise. For instance, I don't have time to painstakingly apply liquid eyeliner in that cute pin-up way I so covet. I'm too slow. It takes about seven Q-tips worth of clean up and my crinkly eyelids crinkle in that un-cooperative way and next thing I know I'm calling in sick because the stress of my eye make-up has given me a mini-stroke.
Thus, the routine:

In the morning I don't actually wash my face. I rinse in the shower and then moisturize (See previous skin care post). I use a foundation brush to blend a scant amount of Clinique Even Better Foundation, mostly on the center of my face. Note:

(Red nose + red cheeks + red chin + red forehead)x = No Bueno/Not Pretty

If you solved for "x" in that equation, (and got an A++ in Pre-Calc like I did), the answer on your beauty calculator would be x= environmental stimuli of any type. Heat, cold, sun, a gentle balmy breeze--all these things just make my face redder. So even if I'm having a clear skin day, I still like to tone down the tomatoface. So everyone doesn't think I'm just sitting there mortified about something all day. (Maybe I am sitting there mortified, but you'd never know because I have a lovely foundation on :)

The next bits are easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. With my finger I apply a bit of Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit, (which evens out my eyelids and gives them a nice sheen).
I smudge a little dark brown liner into the outer corners of my lashes on the top, (I like Clinique Quickliner in Dark Chocolate or Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Bourbon. Then I have fun with some black mascara. My favorite, favorite mascara, for it's buildability, non-clumpivity, no-flakocity staytastic-ness (all those are words, look them up), is Clinique Naturally Glossy. Go buy it.

And seriously, that's about it. But it is summer so I am a little bronzer-happy lately. I do usually slap a bit of that on too, time permitting. As I said though, I already have plenty of ruddiness in the ol' cheeks so I have to be careful with products in that region.

I toiled to find the greatest and best bronzer in the world and I do believe I now own it. It is a waterproof, cream bronzer that smells like the beach, Too Faced Aqua Bunny. I blend a tad just below my cheekbones with my fingers. Then I pause for a moment of morning serenity whilst quasi-creepily sniffing my coconut scented fingers.
And because I'm a damn FOOL for cute packaging as well as lovely scents, I'll dust on just a hint of rose fragranced Coralista blush by Benefit, mostly as a nice, sheer highlighter. I appreciate that it does add a certain glow to my complexion without making me lobster face-y.

But seriously, that's it. Except for powder, I will dust my forehead with some powder for fear of US government agents pulling me aside during the day and asking if I would please consider solving the country's oil crisis with my T-zone. So a little powder keeps the wolves/oil at bay. Now remember, this is a day at the office so the mere SPF 15 that my foundation humors me with is sufficient. I will delve further into the SPF abyss later..

Okay, so pop some Softlips on your kisser and you're set to make all the construction boys do double takes as you saunter down the street looking wicked pretty, off to your big day at work!


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