Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fun with Fine Hair

When I was 13 I had a quite bushy, chia-pet-esque head of hair. A lot of it. Where did it go? In recent years I have felt like I have had scalp peeking through all over my head and I watched as my pony tail’s diameter shriveled to the point where I needed to buy little girl hair ties.

So what can be done?  Well, Nioxin can be done. It’s not going to give you Sofia Vergara hair, but it will make a difference you will notice. Along with fine-friendly styling products, you can be on your way to Pantene commercial body and bounce.

Nioxin is a brand of hair products designed to encourage hair growth, stimulate your scalp and rehabilitate your precious hair follicles. The basic kit comes with three products based on the condition of your hair. Whether you have natural or chemically treated hair (colored, relaxed), medium/coarse or noticeably thinning hair, there is a specific kit for you.

I use kit #3, for normal to thin chemically treated hair. Start with the shampoo and conditioner (the pepperminty conditioner makes my scalp tingle oh-so-pleasantly). Then follow with the sort of “serum” you spray directly on your scalp after your shower. This treatment, paired with Nioxin’s Intensive Therapy Recharging Complex vitamins taken daily, made a difference so lovely I would dare call it dramatic.

The hairs in the shower drain have gotten sparser until a few days ago I was left with only a few of Nick’s chest hairs stuck to my toe as I felt around for the usual clot of my fallen strands. My hairdresser noticed a difference and I have even upgraded to adult sized hair ties again. I can still (literally) pin my hair into a bun with ONE (1) bobby pin, but I promise, this is an improvement.

Nioxin is by no means my favorite shampoo for overall shine, body, manageability etc however I will continue to use it a couple times a week, alternating with Aveda Color Conserve or my favorite, (though it was waaay too expensive to repurchase) Alterna Caviar. The vitamins however, will remain a daily staple. I am trying a bottle of biotin tablets (Nature’s Way brand from Target) in lieu of the Nioxin brand which are quite on the pricy side and biotin is a main ingredient meant for hair, nail and skin health. I have to say, though my skin is nice and smooth lately, I am beginning to see little hair dolls in my drain again…we’ll see…

The only other advice I have for those with cornsilk soft, wispy-fine locks is: blowdry! A spritz of Aveda Brilliant Damage Control protects my hair from the heat and gives it a generally frizz-free finish. Many root boosters and “bodifying” products still leave my hair weighted and limp by the end of the day, so I say less is more. Blowdrying is a sure-fire way to make the most of what you’ve got!

If you are feeling extra saucy, for a special occasion or daily if you’ve got the time, a couple of large hot rollers to the crown of your head will even further the illusion that your hair is thick, bodacious and wicked, wicked pretty ;o)


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