Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Thursday Three-- Noella Style

There are too many products I love right now to just choose three favorites, but Melissa said "The Thursday Thirty Threes" might get a little long winded so here goes:

This is frankly the Holy Grail of neutral palettes. Urban Decay really outdid themselves with this collection of twelve shadows ranging from light pearlescent cream to smoky, sparkly gray. There are matte shades, satin finishes, shimmery ones…pretty much all you could ask for as a blue eyed gal like myself. Most of the colors are very nicely pigmented and the more sheer ones are easy to build up if you desire. I feel that for practical every day use and even practical getting dolled up and hitting the town this is the only palette I will ever need. The combination possibilities are just shy of endless and you can use these colors for both natural and smokin hot eye make up endeavors.

This has been a recent switch up for me, as the Clinique Superfit Liquid Foundation has been discontinued. I love that it is oil free, has an SPF of 15 and is actually quite good coverage. The benefits do not stop there, however.
This is a make up that claims to improve clarity, even skin tone and correct dark spots over time even without make up on.
 I have been using this for about 2 weeks and I daresay my skin is doing remarkably well! I find that the redness in my cheeks is more easily toned down when I apply it, (this can be attributed to the higher level of coverage too though), and my face overall feels fresh and even the slightest bit less oily. So magic, in my opinion. Clinique's foundations are quality, come in a $#!%-ton of shades and are quite reasonably priced compared to many prestige brands. I think if you are going to splurge on one high end beauty item and one only, it has to be good foundation. It can make or break your face. Harsh but true reality.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner for Eyes in Flipside

This eyeliner may be one of the top three things that has ever happened to me, (the other two things being sliced bread and Nick). It is the brightest turquoise color, soo-ooo smooth and creamy and these pencils, folks, they stay put. I love having fun with with a bright color in a safe, eyeliner environment.
Flipside can go on top of the lash line in a nice thick flick or it can go on the lower waterline for a subtle pop. It's best to leave other shimmery eyeshadows or liners out when using such a bright product, as that gets a little clowny.
This pencil works as a vibrant base for other bright blue eyeshadows in the event of the need for an electric blue look, (80's night, anyone?) and basically just makes the bluest statement a girl could ask for. When you are feeling frisky and fun, try this!


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