Saturday, August 6, 2011

If You a Fly Girl, Get Your Nails Done

Even if you have no interest in beauty trends, it is very unlikely you haven’t noticed that flashy nails are totally in. You can’t flip through any magazine without coming across an ad for those colorful, patterned nail polish sheets. And if you have been into a Sephora lately, you’ve seen their giant display of O.P.I, glitter and nail stickers.

I’m not the trendiest girl in the world, but I have hitched a ride on this bandwagon with the giddy glee I felt at age twelve when my mother finally allowed me to buy that iridescent, teal nail polish I’d been eying for months.

When I was younger, wearing a nail polish that was anywhere outside the pink/red range was pretty much unheard of. Not to mention near impossible to find. I used to paint my nails with White-Out and decorate them with Sharpies. I remember drooling over the green, silver and blue Urban Decay selections every time my mother would drag me to Wal-Mart. (Obviously before UD transitioned into a prestige line.) She thought they were hideous and disgusting, and she refused to buy them for me. Eventually, as mothers often do, she caved in. Oh, the pure bliss! (We would have this fight again a few years later when I wanted to dye my hair those same colors.) 

A lot of the time I would paint my nails just to hide the acrylics or the jeweler’s rouge lodged under them from one of my many art projects. But I just loathed pink and I didn’t want to be seen wearing something so girly. (Now I cannot get enough pink in my life.)

But today, instead of hiding the remnants of my art projects, I can turn my nails into an art project of their own. Polishes are available in any color you can dream up, bottled, in pens and in prints on sheets. 

Personally, I'm really feeling mixed metals right now. My toes are bronze with gold and mirrored embellishments, and my fingers are clean, shiny copper with silver tips. As it is also trendy to paint one or two nails in a different color than the others, I have painted my ring fingers silver with a copper tip. I have dubbed this look, "the Sixth Cents," because the colors remind me of pennies and nickels. Get it? Well, at least I amuse myself.

xoxo Melissa

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