Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brazilian Peel

This past weekend was V.I.B. appreciation at Sephora, so after work on Friday I rushed right over to the mall to claim my booty. Members received a mini-hatbox filled with deluxe samples. Some of them are super awesome, like a hefty tube of NARS primer and a Laura Mercier mascara, and some of them are not so awesome, like a tiny bottle of stinky Tokidoki perfume that leaked all over everything. But even if all of the samples were complete ca-ca-doo, you’re left with a useful and adorable hatbox that will look cute as a button on any vanity.

One sample that I was super pumped to give a whirl was the Brazilian Peel. I have heard mixed reviews about this. Here is what Sephora has to say about this product:

"The first medical-strength peel for at-home use, Advanced Home Actives' Brazilian Peel innovative formula contains rejuvenating glycolic acid and açai, a natural antioxidant straight from Brazil's Amazon rainforest. The powerful combination safely provides you with results similar to those from a professional chemical peel—without the painful side effects. The four-week regimen is clinically proven to smooth, firm, and brighten skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and restoring the skin's ability to build collagen. Even more impressive: You'll pay hundreds of dollars less than what you would at a doctor's office.”

I’m a bit obsessed with my skin, especially as I approach thirty, so I was all over this. The product comes in a double barreled syringe that you pump into your palm and mix with your fingers. When you mix it together it becomes alarmingly hot. I started having flashbacks to that episode of Sex and the City when Samantha gets a chemical peel and has to walk around looking like Darth Vader sans helmet for the rest of the episode. But I put it on my face anyway.

It didn’t feel hot on my face. In fact, it didn’t feel anything. Not warm or tingly or tight. I waited the recommended amount of time and hopped in the shower. When I was finished, I applied my eye cream and moisturizer as usual.

Now, the above blurb states that this is supposed to be a four week process, so maybe reviewing this product from one sample is a little premature. With that being said, as far as I can tell this product doesn't really do much. My skin didn’t look or feel any different. I mean, even those cheap-o peels that you can get for $0.50 at Sally’s make your skin feel tighter and softer.

Maybe I would notice a difference if I followed the complete four week regimen, but at almost $80, I'm not going to shell out to find out.

xoxo Melissa

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