Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Let's Start with Skin Care

I cannot stick with skin care. I've tried it all. Drugstore, infomercial, department store make-up counter. I torture myself researching reviews and watching youtube videos to the point of sweaty palms and acute buyer's remorse. I pick a product up, walk around with it in the store for an hour whilst halfheartedly browsing other things I know I won't buy...I read the back of the packaging...put it back on the shelf. Walk away. Run back and pick it up again. Buy it. Return it.

I know, pitiful. I just hate spending hard earned cash on an overpriced, sometimes overhyped 1.7 ounces of goo. If there is one thing I've learned about skin it's honestly to leave it the hell alone. Wash it gently then moisturize it gently. The picking, stinging, scrubbing has no place on your face. My oily, sensitive, acne-prone, rosacea tinged face, (I know I'm blessed, right?), stays in check with just a couple simple steps.

I'm done with gimmicky cleansers that brighten this and refine that. Deep clean my ass, cleansers, you're not worth it! I love Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash, (from Target, under $6), for it's simplicity. My face ends up clean and soft. Done. I recently splurged on Philosophy Purity Made Simple, (Sephora, $10 for the wee size), and was very impressed with its make-up removal prowess. May go full size on that one, as it smells nice and I'm a sucker for that.

Either at night or in the morning, (definitely only once a day), I'll sweep a cotton pad across my nose and forehead with some toner. I am using up my Clinique Clarifying Lotion #3 though I'm not crazy about it,  (it has alcohol and feels stingy), but I alternate with simple witch hazel which I find refreshing.

After weeks of pining, begging for samples at make up counters and some weeping openly in the bathtub with the shower running while fully clothed, I have decided on not one but TWO new moisturizers. Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer in conjunction with Clinique Moisture Surge.  Both feel gorgeous on the ol' mug and I use them both sparingly. The Bare Minerals is slightly thicker so I like that over night, whilst the oil-free Moisture Surge is really nice and refreshing for daytime.

I'll discuss trifles such as masks, exfoliation and eye treatments as we delve into this blog adventure together but in the meantime just remember that sometimes keeping it simple can be more effective than too much fuss when your skin is hanging by a thread like mine is. I know I'll switch it up again in six months but I know when I do I'll keep it pure with no funny firming, clarifying, youthifying shenanigans.



  1. I believe skin care is the most important part of any beauty routine! And i second Philosophy's Purity and its make-up removing powers. I love that product and that brand!

    xoxo Melissa

  2. @tina toner is the liquid stuff you're supposed to do between cleansing and moisturizing. Many say it's not necessary. I am one of those people some days. Other days it feels refreshing to cotton pad it right on before the ol lotion. Unfortunately many of them have alcohol in them which doesn't seem good to put on your face. Don't worry about it, your face is wicked pretty without it :)