Monday, August 29, 2011

The Color Wheel Woes and More Love for Double Lines

Noella has been working hard editing and uploading the color wheel videos we made over the weekend. She rocks! As does her wonderful husband Nick who allowed us to kidnap his camera for the evening.

The lighting in my dining room is not that great, and I don't feel that the looks and colors transferred onto camera very well. A lot of the dark shadows show up on screen, but the colors are not very visible. Apart from that, we had a lot of people over (as you may have heard), so I felt nervous and mumbly and kind of sloppily rushed my way through application. I'm not very happy with myself or the results, so I will probably make some new color wheel videos in the future.

I believe there is a double liner video taking up space on Nick's camera as well, so that may potentially pop up in Wicked Pretty's future. I know I have mentioned this a million times already, but I love double liner! It is so quick and easy, and bright liners are totally in right now! I especially love the Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Liners, which I have also mentioned a million times. They're just so gorgeous! The colors are vibrant and the sparkle is not over-powering at all. It is exactly that, sparkle. Not chunky glitter that threatens to flake off onto your cheeks over the course of a day. These things are so highly pigmented that you won't even have to correct any blemishes in your first line. The Stila liner will cover them right up with brilliant color. Try using your bright liner along the bottom  lash line as well. Follow up with a color that matches your first line along the waterline, or mix things up by adding a complimentary third color. Have fun with it!

xoxo Melissa

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