Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Put Your Softest Face Forward!

I wish that everyone reading this could reach through the screen and touch my cheek. Seriously, I am making my fiancé feel up my face right this very minute. I don't think my skin has ever felt so soft, and i have Michelle Phan to thank for it.

Anyone who watches beauty videos knows Michelle Phan, and if you watch her channel you will know that she has been making quite a few d.i.y. skincare videos lately. Her Look of the Day for August 12 was a d.i.y. cotton mask. Click HERE to view the video.

I didn't have all of the products that she uses, so here is what I did....

First I removed my make up using Sephora's Waterproof Make Up Remover. I actually hate this product, but I needed to try something new now that Benefit isn't making Gee, That Was Quick. It leaves my skin and hands feeling very greasy. I would never use it for clean up, and only utilize it if I will be washing my face immediately after.

When my make up was off, I cleansed my face using Purity Made Simple by Philosophy. I think we have already mentioned this product like a bazillion times. That is because it is amaze-aze-ing. Then i exfoliated with Origins' Modern Friction, another product you will never get us to shut up about. I gently patted my face dry and moved onto the mask.

I used some non-stick pads that I had in the medicine cabinet. I ripped them in half so that i had two pieces, each with one smooth non-stick side, and one cottony side. I ripped enough pads to cover my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. I laid them all out, soft side up, and spread a thin layer of Embryolisse (Ooh, la la! Thanks, Noella!!!) over the cotton. Next i pressed the pads back together and held them under the warm tap until they were good and wet. I held them between my palms and pressed them together so they weren't sopping and laid them across the previously mentioned areas of my face. You will want to give them a good press so they stick. You may even want to lay back or recline so they don't fall off, but I found mine stayed on alright.

Then you just play the waiting game. Michelle said she leaves hers on for about ten minutes. I opted for twenty. You will know when they are ready to come off, because the cotton will start drying out a bit.

After you remove the cotton, you will be able to feel the moisturizer on your skin. But we are going to take it a step further! I used Origins' Starting Over under my eyes and applied VitaZing all over my face and neck. Ladies, (and gents), don't neglect your neck. (Oooh, that rhymed! I'm a rapper!) I finished it all off with a quick spritz of Mist Opportunity by Mark.

I would personally recommend doing this routine at night and not in the morning before work, because your face is going to feel moist for quite a while. But when you are finished.... Oh. My. Goodness.

Obviously you can use any cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturizer that you prefer, though I highly recommend using products that are light, gentle and water based. You don't want to overload your face with oils, especially if you decide to do this before bed. Lord knows what kind of a mess you will wake up to! Especially if you have sensitive combination skin like mine. The goal is to feel soft and clean, not heavy and greasy. So choose your products wisely!

xoxo Melissa

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